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thank u


ok, i’m annoyed now. putting this out there:

permission is NOT given for any use of art of my MUs, including: icons, themes, RPing, etc. 

i’m off to message some people i see doing this. aside from a few friends who asked my permission to use the pink haired ribbon femu in art/comics, no one has ever asked for or received my permission to use her. If you know of someone using her in any way, please leave me a reply here or send me an ask. Thank you.

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dear everyone

  • using my art for personal icons or whatever - its fine, ur ok
  • using art of my or other ppls MUs when they are not your MUs - uh, please dont, i dont care if its same hat the personalization makes it pretty rude
  • cropping and fucking up our art with levels and hue/saturation and using them to RP, especially if you’re using other ppl’s MUs to rp your own, ESPECIALLY if you then decide to say ALL ICONS ARE MINE DO NOT USE with MAYBE the tiniest link in a hidden away credits section - are we STILL DOING THIS LMAO
  • dont assume you can use art like this without permission as if it all appears out of nowhere for you to take
  • i KNOW how editing works and it is not in a million years comparable to drawing the actual artwork we’re not playing this game again
Happy birthday loser

Happy birthday loser

draws cat ears on everything

draws cat ears on everything

Anonymous said: May i ask for your brush settings of your sketching brush/pen/whatever you use? (Like the one you used for the kiss meme?)

Oh sure! I’ve just been using the default photoshop brush at 4 px on an 8.5x11 (or larger) inch canvas haha nothing fancy lately ;w;

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last of that for tonight

sorry for spamming with those I don’t usually get so many asks o: it was really fun though so thank you!

goodnight and I hope ya’ll have a good rest of your weekend ;w;

mellosouffle said: fluffy gynophobe from FE!!!

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with: MU, Miriel, Maribelle, Gaius, Olivia

platonic otp: MU, Lissa, Gaius, Vaike, Gregor, Basilio

general opinions: I bought the game for this loser……..